The internal combustion engine now more than a 100 years old, has evolved at various stages. From the type of fuel to the metal it is made of.  The engine though, now technologically far superior to its first form,  is still basically the same working principle. PULL-COMPRESS-BURN-EXPAND. This has not changed over the years. Though the countless scientists and engineers have grayed their hair making the motor churn more beef, the end result is still not too bright.
          So what next? well i will take it for granted that you know a bit about combustion chambers and more about chamber nomenclature. IF YOU DONT, then please make the  best use of wikipedia.

Coming to uncle Sing. He was able to help solve a very important problem. The un-burnt HC accumulation in the deck volume of a squished combustion chamber. I came across his work thanks to a friend ( more like elder  brother) Arunesh. He (dr. sing) would simply cut a groove that would let combusting gasses flow through and burn the HC.

One would ask whats so special about a groove? Well the answer is simple. It is AN INNOVATION! a groove is not a component. Its a technology which gracefully reduces the disadvantages of a squish type head and makes a engine not only perform better but actually run cleaner and leaner.

for more on his work pls visit www.somender-singh.com

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  1. sigh, thanks to the corporate brains running the automobile industry, groovy tech is not respected enough.