Bite me!

Well this is an awesome thing i came across in pune thanks to a friend; pondy who was kind enough to force me to go to planet DSG. Though i was almost spellbound by the humongus variety of accessories kept in the neatly stacked shelves, i was carrying almost no dorsh in my pocket to even dream about getting something for me.

And just when i decided not to buy anything.....i saw it...the piece of cloth in black with white print. A typical face mask that is meant for half face helmets but does fit snugly into a regular full facer. Though it had a slightly tight fit on my face the design (scary for many), i decided to go for it coz it was an awesome addition to my really short accessory list.

On pure ergonomics point of view i would give it 6 on 10 but functionality is simply amazing. It keeps all forms of pollution off my face; well atleast off my nose and mouth!

Plus when a small kid or and old aunty sees me coming on my vint-ride, i swear the jidders i see on their faces..Priceless!