a skull half kevlar!

not often does it happen that parents or loved ones prohibit their loved ones from riding a bike. The reason is not far from normal....its the constant fear of their kin getting hurt,injured or god forbid KILLED!

But one fails to forget that the world will be filled with people in anti-bacterial,radiation suits if would see the invisible danger around us!

Getting back to riding... a person who is born to rule the roads will do so regardless of obstacles such as parents or spouse or girlfriend(s) coming in their way... riders have always been outlaws...they have always defied limits. But even the bravest of warriors have had enough muscle inside their heads to wear some armor!

Probably the best move i made in my riding career so far(apart from choosing the career itself) was to go for a rated helmet. Even knights fall from horses...and to tell you honestly horses do have better sense as compared to a brainless bike!

You are heading for trouble if u don't wear the very piece of equipment that is designed to save you incase you fall! Even though i have been driving in a very precise manner...At times i have fallen and fallen bad! but never have i suffered as much as a scratch on my head. thanks to my helmet.

Btw i wear a SHARK S650 live graphics. A wonderful piece of equipment that really fits well and ventilation inside is plenty. Yes motoGP standard does not come cheap but is definitely is a small price to pay for ones life!

We pay so much to get silly stickers, multi-tone horns, neon lights , led's and what not rubbish on our bikes ...BUT STOP FOR A MINUTE AND ASK YOURSELF, WILL ANY OF IT SAVE ME IF I FALL?

Go and buy a decent helmet before you ride!

Bite me!

Well this is an awesome thing i came across in pune thanks to a friend; pondy who was kind enough to force me to go to planet DSG. Though i was almost spellbound by the humongus variety of accessories kept in the neatly stacked shelves, i was carrying almost no dorsh in my pocket to even dream about getting something for me.

And just when i decided not to buy anything.....i saw it...the piece of cloth in black with white print. A typical face mask that is meant for half face helmets but does fit snugly into a regular full facer. Though it had a slightly tight fit on my face the design (scary for many), i decided to go for it coz it was an awesome addition to my really short accessory list.

On pure ergonomics point of view i would give it 6 on 10 but functionality is simply amazing. It keeps all forms of pollution off my face; well atleast off my nose and mouth!

Plus when a small kid or and old aunty sees me coming on my vint-ride, i swear the jidders i see on their faces..Priceless!

today its abt a review...a movie review that is!

today the romantic ride takes us through a drive in,

I saw this movie, a wonderful one.

the title i will discuss later, the movie starts out with a couple in a fight. They fight about trivial issues, whether we should have a baby, but first we should get a bigger apartment. They fight and both leave.....but soon as they notice(2 minutes down the timeline) they comeback and realize how deeply they love each other...

The guy dies of brain tumor in the very next scene leaving his beautiful and i mean beeaauuutttifffuull widow behind!

But then the story really shakes your emotional ground and you realize that the very emotion we want to sometimes run away from is so much a part of us that we do anything and everything in our grasp to make sure we have it. love..thats what this movie is all about...

i must say...no one movie has been able to show me this side of love as this one..

i shall not spoil the fun of the movie...but i sure do wish that if i could live my life like that....i would have..

please watch this movie!

btw...."P.S. I love you"