More to sell nothing much to tell.....

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It was a time when people used know what is happening across the globe even without looking at a photograph. Truth was all they would understand and the concept of lies was inexistent. Mind the tenses my friends...yes I am talking about the past where people used to know nothing about buildups and lies . They were least bothered about TRP (television rating points).

So what is TRP?

It is a criterion that indicates the popularity of a channel or program and is useful for the "advertisers".

What this means is that now news channels do not really compete for getting the best news....they compete for getting the best TRP. Selfish gain?? yes of-course. More the TRP, more the channel earns! But what about the people who depend on the channels ability to give them their daily dose of what is really happening...well they get their dose all rite...they get their daily dose of OVERCOOKED, OVERSPICED BULLSHIT!

Journalist today genuinely do not have the conscience that the old school guys used to have. They have literally forgotten the meaning of the term NEWS. Rather they have created a new term "news ENTERTAINMENT" . Where the real story is actually not even worth a dime but it is stretched beyond all boundaries and exaggerated beyond recognition. Will they ever wake up? Is there a way to sue them for mass miss-interpretation?


Well as one of the authors in the blog, I also like to cite this as an example. Am currently in Melbourne, Australia as a student. Basically am from India.
I was sad to hear about the news that said how Indian students were treated in Australia and Australians were called as racist. I happened to be in India at the end of prev year (2009) when this news made the headlines over there and created a bad impression about Australia among Indians. But i was shocked, really shocked to see the amount of lies and build ups in that news.

Since i was here in melbourne I say there were few issues that happened here and also it depends on the way our people behave with Aussies. Its really bad to put the full blame only on the Australians. Our Indians are not Innocent. We are to be equally blamed. Why to Unnecessarily blame some one else and make all bad news when are own people are not correct..


  1. In addition to tis.. all tis build up n lies gets the country all bad names. Dont blow silly issues into big thing and dont make the country look bad.

  2. No doubts about that. The worse being that people lose trust amongst each other and all this causes unwanted chaos and rage.

  3. well... v.rightly said.... you can dish out numerous examples.... something nobody here might believe is the media(not only news channels) focuses on the plight faced by women... but nobody takes care to explain the hardships faced by men...

    1. The number of suicides by men is double than women. ever read a article about this?

    2. Out of every 1lakh soldiers, 10 commit suicide every month. ever bought to notice?

    3. the drama and wrong-goings in the CWG were bought to light, but not the good things....

    the examples are numerous and the real culprit is us.... we watch them and thats the reason they show them....

    so the culprit has been found and its us!!!

    Be the change you want to see..... :)

  4. confused dude cannot be more rite!

  5. the heading is apt....whatever is there in dis is true...but u know whats even more ridiculous..???? people use the term 'TRP' for individuals...its like " u did this to increase ur TRP",,,this is literally converted frm hindi to english..!! :) people really dun get the whole idea,,!!

  6. You guys know what a 'soapbox' is? Not the kind kids make cars out of but the kind people stand up on and address issues. I am confused here. What does the reflection of a random biker have to with bikes? What does the CWG, Australia and journalists have to do with automobiles? What use are statistics, unless you have been a statistic yourself? Are we staying within the topic or are we making this blog a forum to declaim general ills of India. I swear if this blog goes general in choice of topics posted, I shall stop following it. My advice is that if you want to diversify into other subjects, do it under the proper flag. I, personally, don't like rants on auto blogs to be about anything that even the newspapers have done to death.