racer updates:

the rear section has been chopped off.
that includes the suspension mounts on the top, seat mount rear foot rest mount

I am getting a very clear picture as to what the bike will look like wid a cleaner frame

next i am going to remove the rear engine mount and the vertical tube which extends to the top from there. new engine mounts will be designed with rubber mounts and the swing arm pivot will be brought down by 3 inches.

pics will follow soon!


The internal combustion engine now more than a 100 years old, has evolved at various stages. From the type of fuel to the metal it is made of.  The engine though, now technologically far superior to its first form,  is still basically the same working principle. PULL-COMPRESS-BURN-EXPAND. This has not changed over the years. Though the countless scientists and engineers have grayed their hair making the motor churn more beef, the end result is still not too bright.
          So what next? well i will take it for granted that you know a bit about combustion chambers and more about chamber nomenclature. IF YOU DONT, then please make the  best use of wikipedia.

Coming to uncle Sing. He was able to help solve a very important problem. The un-burnt HC accumulation in the deck volume of a squished combustion chamber. I came across his work thanks to a friend ( more like elder  brother) Arunesh. He (dr. sing) would simply cut a groove that would let combusting gasses flow through and burn the HC.

One would ask whats so special about a groove? Well the answer is simple. It is AN INNOVATION! a groove is not a component. Its a technology which gracefully reduces the disadvantages of a squish type head and makes a engine not only perform better but actually run cleaner and leaner.

for more on his work pls visit www.somender-singh.com

A Mothers love !!!!

A Mother loves right from the start.

She holds her baby close to her heart.
The bond that grows will never falter.
Her love is so strong it will never alter.

A Mother gives never ending love.
She never feels that she has given enough.
For you she will always do her best.
Constantly working, there's no time to rest.

A Mother is there when things go wrong.
A hug and a kiss to help us along.
Always there when we need her near.
Gently wipes our eyes when we shed a tear.

So on this day shower your Mother with Love.
Gifts and presents are nice but that is not enough.
Give your Mother a day to have some peace of mind.
Be gentle, be good, be helpful, be kind.

Preethi Vijayakumar

More to sell nothing much to tell.....

(img courtesy: www.sparehed.com)

It was a time when people used know what is happening across the globe even without looking at a photograph. Truth was all they would understand and the concept of lies was inexistent. Mind the tenses my friends...yes I am talking about the past where people used to know nothing about buildups and lies . They were least bothered about TRP (television rating points).

So what is TRP?

It is a criterion that indicates the popularity of a channel or program and is useful for the "advertisers".

What this means is that now news channels do not really compete for getting the best news....they compete for getting the best TRP. Selfish gain?? yes of-course. More the TRP, more the channel earns! But what about the people who depend on the channels ability to give them their daily dose of what is really happening...well they get their dose all rite...they get their daily dose of OVERCOOKED, OVERSPICED BULLSHIT!

Journalist today genuinely do not have the conscience that the old school guys used to have. They have literally forgotten the meaning of the term NEWS. Rather they have created a new term "news ENTERTAINMENT" . Where the real story is actually not even worth a dime but it is stretched beyond all boundaries and exaggerated beyond recognition. Will they ever wake up? Is there a way to sue them for mass miss-interpretation?


Well as one of the authors in the blog, I also like to cite this as an example. Am currently in Melbourne, Australia as a student. Basically am from India.
I was sad to hear about the news that said how Indian students were treated in Australia and Australians were called as racist. I happened to be in India at the end of prev year (2009) when this news made the headlines over there and created a bad impression about Australia among Indians. But i was shocked, really shocked to see the amount of lies and build ups in that news.

Since i was here in melbourne I say there were few issues that happened here and also it depends on the way our people behave with Aussies. Its really bad to put the full blame only on the Australians. Our Indians are not Innocent. We are to be equally blamed. Why to Unnecessarily blame some one else and make all bad news when are own people are not correct..

FROM ONE TIP TO THE OTHER....the wish ride...

Riding to us is not only a way to explore the beauty of the world....it is a way to calm our nerves down.

It removes the negativism and adds a lot of positive energy to the body (no jokes). So whats it gotta do with a blog post?  well July 2011 is gonna be the "TiP to tIp"ride...dint follow?

well we re going to ride down from the sunrise at kanniyakumari to the very northern tip of India. The worlds highest road...LEH.

I would like suggestions from interested people about their personal addition or way that they would like to take this ride forward..

pls write in your comments below and confirm.

an updated list of participants shall be sent to you as and when sufficient modifications are made.

keep riding!

what next???

I started building my cafe racer a couple of months ago and things were kinda non serious as of then. But then the bike started giving signs that even it wants to go fast...so slowly but steadily even i started making more and more changes..... soon the factory top speed of 105 kmph was a thing of the past.

From standstill 60kmph is reached in 3.8 secs as compared to the usual 4.2 . Since these figures were achieved without any involvement with the powerplant, I was sure to max out soon. And I did too.

so what next?? well the bike is kinda craving for more. so i am gonna sneak the bike into my room and start the work soon....

keep visiting the blog to find out more!

He wasn't a hero,
Known by the world.
But a hero he was,
To his little girl.

My daddy is God,
Who knew all things.
And better than Santa,
With the gifts he'd bring.

I knew his voice,
Before he could speak.
He'd come home late,
With not much to say.

He changed my diapers,
And sat up all night.
When my body was weak
And I'd put up a fight.

He taught me life's lessons,
Of right from wrong.
And instilled in me values,
That I might be strong.

And so through the years,
Like a hero he stood.
Working to give,
All that he could.

His presence was important,
And I loved to see him smile.
For no one in the world,
Could emulate his style.

And so dear Dad,
My best memory to recall.
Is the gift of your presence,
The greatest gift of all.

I Miss u soo badly!!
Love you daddy
Vth lots of hugs nd kisses.

From a loving Daughter to a Great DAD!!
Preethi Vijayakumar..


(this may initially seem like a history lesson, but bear with me, the intro is needed)

Over 200 years ago, the British, French, Portuguse and just about every European tom, dick and harry came and occupied every nook and corner of our beloved motherland. They stuck on like leeches and sucked out every ooze of our nation's natural resources, manpower and dignity. What allowed this to happen? How was it possible for just a handful of Europeans to control (so successfully) a nation of so many, a nation with with so much tradition, culture and virtually limitless knowledge?

Many people may cite several reasons for it such as the lack of unity at the time, the cultural erosion that had taken place over generations, lack of strong rulers, etc. But I firmly believe that the most fundamental reason was the technological superiority that the occupants had over us. Nobody questioned their motives or actions purely out of fear of getting their heads blown off at the pull of a trigger. And so they slowly but surely spread their rule, like an incurable cancer....

Despite this superiority, they did eventually have to let go because of the countless sacrifices and relentless struggles made by our forefathers. It is due to their heroics that we enjoy the one thing that is most underrated in modern India, Freedom. The might of the people did finally overcome the brute force of gunpowder.... 

Fast-forward 63 years, the year 2010, (so called) modern India. Everyone is proud of the leaps and bounds made by the country; We are a part of the largest democracy in the world, our economy is growing at a smashing rate, Production & sales are off the scale, Infrastructure has never seen such levels of investment, our IT industry is considered the best and so on..... 

But lets take a closer look; despite all these so called achievements, how much of the technology is developed in India? Most of our weapons are still imported and the ones that are made locally are all based on technical know-how that belongs in the previous century. All our appliances are designed abroad, all our electronic equipment is made abroad, basically just about everything that is available to us is not designed in India; maybe manufactured but definitely not designed.


In fact, if it was the Germans that had ruled over us instead of the British, we probably still would be an occupied country (atleast the Brits. had some sense of humanity, which is why Gandhiji's non-cooperation movements worked). And before anyone says that the Germans were defeated eventually, lets not forget that it was the combined might of all the other developed countries and their latest technologies that was needed to quell the German blitzkrieg...It was the technologically path-breaking (although horrific) nuclear bomb that silenced the Japanese imperialistic ideologies. In other words, it was superior technology that was needed to defeat superior technology.

It was during the time of war that the Europeans kept coming out with the most brilliant of inventions, most of which are still used today (the radar, the rocket, the jet engine..). Despite all the pressure they were under, they brought out the best of inventions and innovations. And look at us; we have had all the time in the world to do great things, but what do we have to show after 63 years of independence? Our LCA Tejas which has been under development for over 20 years? Or the fact that we still buy all major military hardware from Russia? Our that we are celebrating sporting excellence in the form of the CWG, for which the public money is being openly squandered while the people responsible go scott free? ridiculuous.....

It is here that I wish to start on my real topic. If I am not proud to be an Indian, I am equally ashamed to call myself an Indian automobile engineer

Why? for the same basic reasons above; our contribution to global automotive technology is ZERO (surprising, since that is considered our greatest contribution to the world of mathematics). What is my contribution in bringing my nation to the top? What AM i doing to take my country forward? nothing.

And its not just me to blame, none of the automotive companies have really done anything over the past 60 years to do us proud. Not a single vehicle or engine sold in India can be called an Indian designed or engineered vehicle. Even today, every single engine made in India in one form or another is in some way directly or indirectly a copy of some foreign engine. 

People may say its no longer true, and the latest in automotive technology is now available on Indian cars; BULLSHIT. name the technology and it has been BOUGHT from foreign companies; the only thing that has changed is our buying capacity. We still don't know how to develop anything related to anything. All that we get is a cheap and compromised package. The only worthwhile cars that come on the roads are not Indian in any sense of the word.

I mean seriously, step back and take a look at the big picture, which vehicle is truly Indian? not even the humble mopeds are an Indian design, they are Japanese vehicles from the 1950's. And the only truly Indian company (in a manner of speaking) is TATA, and you will find that most of their vehicles have technology that comes from abroad; the indica is designed in italy, the dicor engine has been designed by a foreign company, the same story goes for their ABS ad ESPs, even Bajaj's famous Dts-i technology is not Indian. Let any company claim anything, if you dig out the secrets, you will find the original blueprints are always always from some European or Japanese design. (probably the only exception I can think of is the Nano, and even that is too little too late).

All that is happening is that the foreigners are getting rich selling us technology and exploiting our weakness, just as they always have.While we automobile engineers are happy getting paid to make a 3-d model of some foreign engine and then Indianize it. 

Where is the passion to invent something new? to create something great? To be a somebody?

The worst bit is, even after reading this, the concerned people will just close this (they probably won't even read this far) and go back to making copies. Why? because we are like this only. the dog's tail can never be straightened. For god's sake,  W A  K E    U P !!!!!

Ashamed I am.....

Y do men like to cuddle when they sleep?

The tendancy for a male to cuddle, or wrap around his partner is not new to women (and now even other men). Some like it and some hate it( u would not want whooping walter hudson to cuddle u!). I for sure absolutely put all my money on the bizzare yet true form of genuine affection. Well we think that cuddling is a form of expressing posessiveness, true perhaps but not entirely. Untill clothing was invented, people had very few sources of heat. so the only way they couls share, conserve or reserve the body heat was by hugging each other while sleeping. Also specially for males it was a way of knowing whether the female is awake or not.

I believe that there is so much that we males dont do intentionally but just happens because of the generations of dna that has been followed by us!

More of Boyd Coddington....A real piece of art!
do visit his site!

a skull half kevlar!

not often does it happen that parents or loved ones prohibit their loved ones from riding a bike. The reason is not far from normal....its the constant fear of their kin getting hurt,injured or god forbid KILLED!

But one fails to forget that the world will be filled with people in anti-bacterial,radiation suits if would see the invisible danger around us!

Getting back to riding... a person who is born to rule the roads will do so regardless of obstacles such as parents or spouse or girlfriend(s) coming in their way... riders have always been outlaws...they have always defied limits. But even the bravest of warriors have had enough muscle inside their heads to wear some armor!

Probably the best move i made in my riding career so far(apart from choosing the career itself) was to go for a rated helmet. Even knights fall from horses...and to tell you honestly horses do have better sense as compared to a brainless bike!

You are heading for trouble if u don't wear the very piece of equipment that is designed to save you incase you fall! Even though i have been driving in a very precise manner...At times i have fallen and fallen bad! but never have i suffered as much as a scratch on my head. thanks to my helmet.

Btw i wear a SHARK S650 live graphics. A wonderful piece of equipment that really fits well and ventilation inside is plenty. Yes motoGP standard does not come cheap but is definitely is a small price to pay for ones life!

We pay so much to get silly stickers, multi-tone horns, neon lights , led's and what not rubbish on our bikes ...BUT STOP FOR A MINUTE AND ASK YOURSELF, WILL ANY OF IT SAVE ME IF I FALL?

Go and buy a decent helmet before you ride!

Bite me!

Well this is an awesome thing i came across in pune thanks to a friend; pondy who was kind enough to force me to go to planet DSG. Though i was almost spellbound by the humongus variety of accessories kept in the neatly stacked shelves, i was carrying almost no dorsh in my pocket to even dream about getting something for me.

And just when i decided not to buy anything.....i saw it...the piece of cloth in black with white print. A typical face mask that is meant for half face helmets but does fit snugly into a regular full facer. Though it had a slightly tight fit on my face the design (scary for many), i decided to go for it coz it was an awesome addition to my really short accessory list.

On pure ergonomics point of view i would give it 6 on 10 but functionality is simply amazing. It keeps all forms of pollution off my face; well atleast off my nose and mouth!

Plus when a small kid or and old aunty sees me coming on my vint-ride, i swear the jidders i see on their faces..Priceless!

today its abt a review...a movie review that is!

today the romantic ride takes us through a drive in,

I saw this movie, a wonderful one.

the title i will discuss later, the movie starts out with a couple in a fight. They fight about trivial issues, whether we should have a baby, but first we should get a bigger apartment. They fight and both leave.....but soon as they notice(2 minutes down the timeline) they comeback and realize how deeply they love each other...

The guy dies of brain tumor in the very next scene leaving his beautiful and i mean beeaauuutttifffuull widow behind!

But then the story really shakes your emotional ground and you realize that the very emotion we want to sometimes run away from is so much a part of us that we do anything and everything in our grasp to make sure we have it. love..thats what this movie is all about...

i must say...no one movie has been able to show me this side of love as this one..

i shall not spoil the fun of the movie...but i sure do wish that if i could live my life like that....i would have..

please watch this movie!

btw...."P.S. I love you"