today its abt a review...a movie review that is!

today the romantic ride takes us through a drive in,

I saw this movie, a wonderful one.

the title i will discuss later, the movie starts out with a couple in a fight. They fight about trivial issues, whether we should have a baby, but first we should get a bigger apartment. They fight and both leave.....but soon as they notice(2 minutes down the timeline) they comeback and realize how deeply they love each other...

The guy dies of brain tumor in the very next scene leaving his beautiful and i mean beeaauuutttifffuull widow behind!

But then the story really shakes your emotional ground and you realize that the very emotion we want to sometimes run away from is so much a part of us that we do anything and everything in our grasp to make sure we have it. love..thats what this movie is all about...

i must one movie has been able to show me this side of love as this one..

i shall not spoil the fun of the movie...but i sure do wish that if i could live my life like that....i would have..

please watch this movie!

btw...."P.S. I love you"

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  1. Must read the book.. The book s simply awesome dan the movie..